FastGood4Cheap Moving Services  

Moving assistance & storage services.  Rates include the truck, at least 2 movers, dolly, padding for the movers to use for stacking the truck for transportation, fuel, released value protection insurance.  You do the packing/wrapping, we do the loading, hauling and unloading into the appropriate roooms....You save money!!!

Better Business Bureau Rating:  A+ (bbb file opened:  10/17/2011)

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To get the COST of a move, please complete the FLAT RATE QUOTE form, 2nd in the list at the left of the page.  The form is detailed enough to get the EXACT cost instead of an estimate (takes about 4 minutes by computer or 8 minutes by phone to complete)

FLAT RATES:  LOCAL APARTMENT/HOME/STORAGE MOVES:  Includes truck, gas, and labor from 2 movers!

Base FLAT RATES  (quote will be for the exact cost of your move regardless of how long the move actually takes):

13ft Sprinter extended van:  $220 494 cubic feet - few items to partial room.
16ft box truck:  $300 800 cubic feet - regular 1 bedroom apartment
18ft box truck: 
 $340 950 cubic feet - regular 1 bedroom apartment
20ft box truck:  
$380 1160 cubic feet - large 1 bedroom to regular 2 bedroom apartment
26ft box truck:  
$600 1611 cubic feet - large 2 bedroom apartment to reg 3 bedroom apartment or small house  
20ft box truck for two trips:  $800 (2360 cubic feet) - Regular to large house 

Add a 3rd mover:  $60

For the flat rates, we ask that you be ready for the movers when they arrive.  All small items boxed or bagged and ALL items ready for loading in order for the flat rate to apply. 

 Truck & Travel Fees 
***Truck fee (use of truck & insurance) (reg rate $80):  reduced to $0 for online booking 
***Mileage fee (mover's road time, fuel, depreciation & maintenance) (total miles involved in the move - from our warehouse, to your addresses and back to our warehouse) (reg rate $3.89 per mile):  reduced for online booking:  $1.89 to $3.59 (depends on date/time).
VARIANCE IN MILEAGE FEE:  ***The variance is due to if the prior move or the move after is closer then our warehouse or if the date allows for extra discounting, such as dates that have several open appointments.  The quote manager will advise in your quote if there is a cheaper appointment.  

*****SURCHARGES: a reasonable surcharge will be added for stairs/elevators/shared entrances/disassembly/assembly and other issues that will slow the move will be in your quote.  No surprises on extra fees on moving day. YOUR QUOTE WILL BE THE EXACT COST OF YOUR MOVE, NOT AN ESTIMATE.

***heavily scheduled dates surcharges/price difference/scheduling fee for FLAT RATES for the next 30 days:
Dates in black:  $40 scheduling fee
Dates in red:  $80 scheduling fee

DATES IN GREEN:  $0 scheduling fee
***moves larger than a regular 2 bedroom apartment will require 2 appointment blocks/double the fee

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