FASTGOOD4CHEAP servicing the North Shore, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and SW Mississippi  Rates include the truck, movers, dolly, padding for the movers to use while stacking the truck for transportation, fuel, released value protection insurance.  You do the packing/wrapping, we do the loading/hauling and unloading into the appropriate roooms....You save money!!!

     TO GET A QUOTE AND/OR MAKE A RESERVATION:  SELECT "CONTACT US & QUOTES" (2nd in the list at the left of the page) and answer the few moving questions, takes about 4 minutes.  You'll receive a reply back locking in a rate and available scheduling information.  No deposit or credit card information needed. The quote manager will give the maximum amount of discounts for the lowest quote.

No deposit required.  However, the moving contact us form, quote and your final confirmation email act as a contract between you and the moving company.  Over a 48 hour cancellation notice, no fee required.  24-48 hour notice, a $40 fee will be required.  4 hour to 24 hour notice, $80 fee.  Under 4 hours, the minimum cost of the move will be required. 

Payment methods accepted:  Cash - payment due upon arrival at the final address of the move.
debit/credit - 3.89% surcharge added to the cost of your move.  Payment due upon arrival at the final address of the move.

***Use the online chat to check availability for the date of your move or for any questions.

BASE FLAT RATES (no time tracking):
12 ft box truck: 
$160 450 cubic feet - studio apartment
13 ft Sprinter extended van:  
$170 494 cubic feet - small 1 bedroom 
16 ft box truck: 
$220 800 cubic feet - reg/large 1 bedroom to small 2 bedroom 
20 ft box truck: 
$300 1015 cubic feet - reg 2 bedroom to small 3 bedroom
24 ft box truck:  
$460 1400 cubic feet - regular 3 bedroom
40 ft (20 ft box truck for 2 trips) 
$600 2030 cubic feet - large 3 to 4 bedroom house

Add a 3rd mover:  $60

For the flat rates, we ask that you be ready for the movers when they arrive.  All small items boxed or bagged and ALL items ready for loading in order for the flat rate to apply. 
SURCHARGES:  some of the surcharges may be reduced or waived by the quote manager based on the size of the move, date of the move, and scheduling needs (some days we are lightly scheduled and need more moves so the fees may be reduced or waived in order to get your reservation).  YOUR QUOTE WILL BE EXACT AND THE LOWEST POSSIBLE RATE.  The quote you receive is final and non-negotiable.  

Mileage surcharge between your addresses:  $1.89 per mile calculated from your current address to your new address using google maps. 
***Truck and Trip Charge (reg price $160).  Reduced to $0 for booking online.
Stairs inside your home:  $20 per flight.  If at least half of the items are not on the 1st floor, add $20 per flight.  
Stairs outside your home:  $40 per full flight, $20 per partial flight.
Elevator, add $40. 
Disassembly $15 per item
Assembly:  $15 per item 
Shared entrance:  $20
Longer than average (up to 50ft included) loading/unloading distances:  51 to 100ft - $20, 101 to 150ft  - $40, 151ft to 200ft $60, over 200ft - $80  

***heavily scheduled dates surcharges/price difference/scheduling fee for FLAT RATES and Pickup/Delivery for the next 30 days:
DATES IN GREEN:  $0 scheduling fee
Dates in black:  $40 scheduling fee
Dates in red:  $80 scheduling fee

March 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st
April 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th

PICKUP AND DELIVERY:  FOR UP TO 5 ITEMS (limit of 200 pounds per item)
 13ft sprinter extended cargo van and 1 mover: $40
13ft sprinter extended cargo van and 2 movers: $80

***includes all fees for up to 1 hour. Over 1 hour, add $40 per hour for 1 mover, or $80 per hour for 2 movers.
***with the 1 mover option, there must be someone to assist at both locations with any item requiring 2 people to lift.
***weight limit of 200 pounds per item.
***to check availability and to schedule, visit our website at and select the online chat. Type "pickup and delivery quote" The average response time of the customer service rep is under 1 minute.

***price difference for busy days.  Some dates have a fee.  The dates are listed above.
INSURANCE/BREAKAGE/DAMAGE/OTHER ISSUES for our moving and pickup/delivery services for local moves

100% Cargo insurance is included for wrecks for breakage/damage during transportation.  

The industry standard for insurance is .60 cents per pound.  So if your LED tv is broken by a company that provides the industry standard and the weight is 30 pounds, you will receive $18 with most other moving companies.  Our transportation insurance covers 100 percent to the replace the item if the item is damaged while in transit and 50% of the base cost of the move for non-transportation.  Our insurance is well above industry standards.  

Non transportation damages:  DAMAGE/BREAKAGE AND ANY ISSUES MUST BE REPORTED BEFORE THE MOVERS LEAVING, NO EXCEPTIONS!  This policy is enforced in order to eliminate false claims in order to keep our rates low.
ANY discount given in the quote or any additional discounts given by the movers is equal to the amount of the customer deductible against any claims/complaints. The discount will be applied against the amount of the claim.  HOURLY RATE MOVES have a minimum of a $200 deductible.
Insurance claims for transportation major damage (such as a wreck) is 100%.
Insurance claims for non-transportation major damage is limited to 50% of the total base cost of the move.  
Minor damage (scratching and minor breaks) is 10%. 

Any damage issue must be positively identified as a result of the move and reported prior to the movers leaving.  The insurance agent can not take a customer at his "word" in order to file a claim, there can be no doubt that the damage was caused during the course of the move.  
Since we do not offer packing services, damage from poor packing or the bottom of a box falling out or over filled is not covered.  
Insurance does not cover items that 2 movers and a dolly are not able to move comfortably.  For this reason, we will usually decline a move or decline to move the item that 2 movers and a dolly can't comfortably move such as a piano, pool table, commercial equipment, safe, hot tub.....   
Scratching or damage caused by trying to get an item that is too large into a hallway/space/doorway that even if careful handling will come in contact with a wall or doorframe is not covered.  
Items made out of particle board/pressboard are not covered.
Customers are required to wrap all "expensive" merchandise that are breakable or easily scratched in order for a major damage claim to apply.  If an item is damaged that is not wrapped by the customer, only a minor damage discount will apply. The trucks do come equipped with padding for the movers to use while loading.  

State required insurance coverage (same coverage as all moving companies are required to carry including 2 men and a truck) is not subject to a deductible or packing/wrapping requirements and will be used if major damage requirements were not met or the .60 cents per pound is greater than 50% of the base case of the move.