ACT of Cincinnati OH offers moving assistance & full service mobile storage services as well as the ability to transfer unwanted merchandise to one of the Thrift stores in our business group on a donation and/or consignment basis.  

Dayton branch has had 0 complaints in 9 years.
Cincinnati branch has had 0 complaints in 9 years.
Columbus branch has had 4 complaints in 13 years.

TO GET A QUOTE AND/OR MAKE A RESERVATION:  SELECT "CONTACT US & QUOTES" and answer the few moving questions, takes about 2 to 3 minutes.  You'll receive a reply back locking in a rate and available scheduling information.  No deposit or credit card information needed.

No deposit required.  However, the moving contact us form, quote and your final confirmation email act as a contract between you and the moving company.  No commitment is made by either party until final confirmation.  Over a 48 hour cancellation notice, no fee required.  24-48 hour notice, a $40 fee will be required.  4 hour to 24 hour notice, $80 fee.  Under 4 hours, the minimum cost of the move will be required. 

Payment methods accepted:  Cash or debit/credit (3.89% fee).  Payment due upon arrival at the final address of the move.

FLAT RATES:  LOCAL APARTMENT/HOME/BUSINESS/STORAGE MOVES:  Includes truck, gas, and labor from 2 movers!

16ft box truck: $400 (regular 1 bedroom apartment)
20ft box truck: $500 (large 1 bedroom to regular 2 bedroom apartment)
26ft box truck: $750 (large 2 bedroom to reg 3 bedroom apartment or small house)
20ft box truck and 16ft box truck: $900 (standard house)
26ft box truck and 16ft box truck: $1100 (large house)
26ft box truck and 20ft box truck: $1200 (XL house)


August 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 29th, 30th, 31st:  $80 
September 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th, 30th: $80

***Mileage:  $1.89 per mile calculated between your 1st and 2nd address (not from our warehouse)
***Truck and Trip Charge:  $0, provided that both addresses are within 30 miles of downtown Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus, over 30 miles, add $2.50 per mile.

We ask that you be ready for the movers when they arrive.  All small items boxed or bagged and ALL items ready for loading in order for the flat rate to apply.  Stairs located within the home, $20 per flight.  Non-ground floor entrances or half the furniture is not on the ground floor, add $40 per flight of stairs.  Elevator, add $40.  Shared entrance apartment complex, add $20.  Disassembly $15 per item/Assembly $15 per item.  Loading and Unloading distances of over 100ft - add $40  If you order a truck that is too small and a 2nd trip is necessary, the 2nd trip is NOT part of your flat rate and charged at the hourly rate of 2 movers and the truck for $60 per hour.  If a larger truck is sent than ordered, you may use the extra space at $15 per foot.


For only 50% above the cost of doing it yourself with UHAUL (renting the truck and gas), get the truck, mileage and gas, plus a driver that will assist with loading and unloading!  For 85% above the cost of UHAUL, add a 2nd mover! 

Have merchandise you need to get rid of before or during your move? 
Send unwanted merchandise to our thrift store (drop off prior to the move at the store and the clerk will give you a discount card for your move or we can pick the merchandise up the day of your move) and get up to a 15% discount off of the moving service charge!  DISCOUNTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON OUR AVERAGE OR DEMAND RATES - NOT ALREADY DISCOUNTED RATES.

INSURANCE/BREAKAGE/DAMAGE for our moving services
Cargo insurance is included for wrecks and major occurences of breakage/damage during transportation.  DAMAGE/BREAKAGE MUST BE REPORTED BEFORE THE MOVERS LEAVE, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Non-transportation major damange will not cover items that 2 movers are not able to comfortably lift or dolly.  Insurance claim for non-transportation damage is limited to 50% of the total cost of the move.  Scratching of an item or breakage of a small item falls under minor damage and may be covered by purchasing our small claim insurance prior to the move.  However, if not purchased, minor damage is still covered in the form of a discount of up to 10% taken off your service charge.  If your move was discounted, the amount of the damage must be ABOVE the amount discounted.  The discount will be subtracted from the estimated damage and the the 10% will be applied.  10% is the maximum given DUE TO OUR ALREADY LOW RATES.  For wall/door scraching from bulky furniture/appliances which can occur during a move even with very careful manuevering, the maximum discount is 5% since this usually requires just a small amount of touch-up paint and possible spackling.  Since we do not offer packing services, damage from poor packing or the bottom of a box falling out is not covered. 

Any damage issue must be positively identified as a result of the move and reported prior to the movers leaving.  The insurance agent can not take a customer at his "word" in order to file a claim, there can be no doubt that the damage was caused during the course of the move.  
For our rates, we ask that all "expensive" merchandise that is breakable or scratchable that you are concerned with be wrapped prior to the movers arriving.  It is up to you what you wrap or choose not to wrap, however, if not wrapped and a scratch/break occurs, a discount will not be available.  We do provide padding on the truck as we are loading/stacking.

(this is not pod storage, we will come and load the truck and unload at our warehouse)!  or, bring your storage items to one of our warehouses yourself and receive the 1st month FREE!

8ftx16ft:  $90 monthly
8ftx20ft:  $120 monthly